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Summary (Русский)

Everyone has the right that its work would be to liking. Look an example of how correctly to make the resume.

Now I in professional work search (I search for work), this my resume, will consider all your offers.

If you too have appeared in the same situation and spend resume search, search of work, vacancy, search for work, or are occupied by thoughts - I search for work, vacancies, and the current trade is not pleasant, can take my sample of the resume for an example - how correctly to make the resume.



Andrey Kochurov



Kochurov Andrey Mihailovich

Information about itself

  • Data on Year and the birthplace: 27.08.1973, village Verh-Nejvinsk, Sverdlovskoj region

  • The Nationality: Russian

  • The Marital status: it is single

  • Children: no

Service in army

1992-1993 Has passed urgent service in armies of special purpose

  • 1993-2001 the Electrical engineer on repair and service of the basic electric equipment, UEHK (Ural Electrochemical Integrated Plant –   the enterprise of a jaderno-fuel cycle.

  • In 2001 execution of functions of the coordinator on introduction of pre-production operation of the automated control system by the enterprise (ASUP) R/3, companies SAP. Training of employees to work in modules MM and WITH, support of employees in operation of the productive version.

  • 2002 Work as the engineer in the Department of information technologies. Repair of computers, installation of the software, consultation of users.

  • 2003 till today: repair of computer facilities (computers), installation and adjustment UNDER (software), consultations of users, performance of functions of the branch planner-supplier on purchase of equipment SVT (means of computer facilities) - PEVM (computers) and periphery, a choice of the equipment under problems of the customer, preparation of specifications and configurations SVT, precontractual work, work with customers and suppliers, the conclusion under tenders, the control of execution of applications and monetary limits, development of those over Decisions, standards of the enterprise, preparation of reports for agency Rosatoma. The Expert-adviser on creation of new functionality in ASUP R/3, in the module of MM. I have access to information DSP (for service using).

  • I have some thanks with entering in the private affair.

  • 1992 - the Ural polytechnical school (Sverdlovsk -44) on a speciality "the Electric equipment of the industrial enterprises and installations", qualification " technician -electrician" (fig. 53 кб).

  • 2001 - The Ural state is professional-pedagogical university. Qualification - the engineer-teacher in electric power industry. A speciality - "Vocational training" (fig. 63 кб).

  • 2002 - Preparation in the educational center of Scientific and technical association "Algorithm" on specialization: "Diagnosing and repair of personal computers on the basis of microprocessors of family Pentium, PII, PIII, PIV" also it is certified for work with the specified means of computer facilities (fig. 59 кб).

  • 2004 - certificates Microsoft Are received:

  • #2261 - Supporting Users Running the Microsoft Windows XP Operating System (fig. 48 кб).

  • #2262 - Supporting Users Running Applications on a Microsoft Windows XP Operating System (fig. 48 кб)

  • 2006-2008 - Ural academy of public service. Qualification "Manager". A speciality «the State and municipal management» (fig. 166 кб).

Additional rates

2003 the City of St.-Petersburg in "Association of professional training" are passed seminars-trainings:

Interests and hobbies, a hobby
  • I Like to read developing literature, to drive the car (I have the rights of a category In, I drive the car). I love leisure in the good company, to bathe in the winter in a snow after birch besomin Russian bath.

  • Administer and develop on the Internet sites:,

  • My personal site

  • Has created and I administer a site of the youth organization in corporate network UEHK


In 2000 the diploma is received (fig. 55 кб) for II place in competition " the Best site " on the city of Novouralsk( In current of all time of the existence, the site enters into 150 most visited sites on the Ural region from several tens thousand sites (according to a rating "UralWeb"). The quantity of subscribers to news of a site is made more than 10 000 person.

Public work
  • Active work in trade union.

  • The Vice-president of youth organization UEIP.
  • The coordinator on information work in youth organization UEIP..
  • Chairman of the youth organization of a department of information technologies.

  • Here can download "Information leaflet UEIP" in a format .pdf (the Size 2,9 Mb).pdf (The Size 2,91Мб). It only one number where it is possible to read through about one of mine dejatelnostej, but nevertheless is enough what to know about the person, taken of a unbiassed source. In all materials where the name Andrey Kochurov is specified is I :-)

Positive qualities

Active, arrogant, purposeful, creative, stressoustojchivyj (has passed urgent service in OSNAZe, independently brought cars the course from Vladivostok to Ekaterinburg). I can subordinate personal interests to interests of business. We train, it is ready to additional training. Without bad habits.


Health good, I do not smoke.

Knowledge of programs:
  • OS of family Windows.

  • Office programs

  • I Work with program ASUP R/3 of company SAP.

  • "Videonet" (I serve a network of shops in a Novouralsk).

  • Programs for creation of sites and their promotions, "promotion", SEO.
  • Ten-manual blind typing on the keyboard.
Not managed project

The Author of idea of creation of payment system in system "Webmoney" for the cellular company the Megaphone. I develop idea and algorithm of work, attraction of users, advertising campaigns. Wished to head this direction, has directed to the company idea (to tell in current more to a floor-year more precisely bothered the company with this project), but campaign itself has entered this service in regions: the Megaphone-Ural, the Megaphone-Siberia, the Megaphone-Far East.

  • Hobby should not only like the purpose, but also: to feed, an opportunity of purchase of habitation, after that creation of family.

  • Professional and social growth.
  • Wishes: rough wages in cities: Ekaterinburg 1500 $, St.-Petersburg 2000 $, Moscow 2500 $.

Mobile, it is ready to change of a residence: the moving in other city, country (if job or vacancy will make).

The reason of change of work

Absence of possibility of acquisition of habitation on wages of the engineer at the state enterprise: Ural electrochemical combine - the world's largest enterprise for uranium enrichment, the developer and the manufacturer of the newest devices and control systems of technological processes in the nuclear industry).

2006-2017 (C) Andrey Kochurov